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Your Turn-Key Solar Solutions Provider

Day & Night Solar is your go-to resource for meeting all of your solar needs by providing turn-key
solutions on any size project from residential to industrial and from start to finish. This includes
securing and completing all grant paperwork, obtaining any needed financing and overseeing the
project from the engineering side, to installation, to completion.


Did you Know?

Each state, and in some cases, region, has their own grant or rebate program which changes on an
annual or semi-annual basis. These changes require constant monitoring to ensure proper installation
cost recovery for all of our clients.

Day & Night Solar stays on top of these changing grants and their requirements across the entire
United States. The process is complicated, but we make it simple for our solar clients.


Only the Highest Standards for Training and Safety

Our installers and management team are required to complete continuing education, when
necessary, to keep up with local and national codes. Day & Night and its team go above and
beyond to implement best practices required for solar installation safety even before they
become code. Safety is a major concern in the electrical industry. The best practices utilized
by Day & Night Solar not only keep the installation crew safe, but ensure long-lasting safety
for the system owner as well.


Project Management

As codes and requirements constantly change in the solar industry, it also changes the process
of how solar systems must be integrated. Day & Night Solar has project management that has both
NACEP PV Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge along with NACEP Certified PV Installation
Professionals that supervise every installation. With safety in mind, Day & Night Solar’s project
managers, along with top level executives, have completed the OSHA 10 Occupational Safety
and Health Training Course in Construction Safety and Health. We also partner with local and
regional installers to complete projects in any market. This allows Day & Night to ensure quality
control utilizing one source for project management across the country. So, whether you are in
Alaska or Florida, you can count on the high quality installation standards being consistent.
See our partners.


Cost Recoveries – ROI

One of the biggest challenges of integrating solar across the country is hitting the required
cost recovery and return on investment targets for individuals and organizations in order to
implement solar.

Using conservative methods, we can provide estimated payback periods which can be
accountant verified and leaves little risk to the end customer.



Partnering with many national financial institutions, Day & Night can provide its customers
with financing from the residential level to industrial applications. There are many types of
financing programs available including everything from second home equity lines to no cost
up front programs as well as PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreement) and lease options.


SREC Brokerage (Solar Renewable Energy Credits)

Looking to get paid above and beyond the savings on your power bill? With renewable portfolio
standards implemented in each state, utilities and power providers are required to purchase
certain amounts of renewable energy each year. Utilities and power providers have the option
of installing their own renewable energy but most purchase it from renewable energy power
producers. This green power purchase allows solar system owners an added opportunity to get
paid above and beyond savings on their power bill. Most SREC purchases are required to be from
aggregated sources or brokers. Day & Night Solar has relationships with these entities.


Custom Designed Products

If your idea of solar is strictly on a roof, think again.  Many customers are looking to get away
from the traditional roof mounted solar systems.  Why? The solar systems Day & Night Solar
implements have life spans within the 50 to 70 year range, whereas most roofs last for only 10
to 20 years. This has brought about a strong need for solar structures and “out of the box”
alternatives.  Day & Night has internal staff experts who work with engineering firms nationally
to develop custom products and off-the-shelf solutions for any project. See our products and
our projects.


Grant/Utility Paperwork and Management


The cumbersome process of applying for grants and rebates locally and nationally requires
many technical details as well as engineering documents and hours of paperwork. From a
customer’s perspective this can be a daunting task. But with Day & Night’s constant
monitoring of programs and incentives, this process can be easily accomplished with
minimal requirements of the customer.


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