Commercial Process

These advantages are being made available to participating contractors who can directly benefit from a group of direct factory product(s) allowing them to capitalize on the labor and material savings.

Marketing and Sales Support

Your Business Development Partner

We are positioned to empower electrical contractors with market advantages in design, estimating, procurement and installation. Business is about quality and the ability to work with a company that stands behind their word and their work.

Value added service with a teaming approach.

System Design Build Solutions

Your Estimating Team at NO Expense until you win the project.

Day & Night Solar will complete the following items for your use in securing the project.

Tap Into the Buying Power of Our Contractors

Day & Night Solar assists in streamlining the process providing a competitive, reliable, locally supported solar project that mean higher revenue results per project.

Upon Project Award

Construction Management That Mitigates Your Risk

Post Install

Our team will provide a competitive, reliable, locally supported solar project that means higher revenue results per project.

Each project will very in scope and details, but you can be confident Day & Night Solar will assist with everything needed to ensure your client sees the best you have to offer.