Day & Night Solar is making an impact in its own community and around the world. Featured are
links to articles and other media where Day & Night Solar is making a difference.

Day & Night Solar Press Releases

  • Innovative and Groundbreaking Rooftop Solar Canopy, Young Electric, San Francisco, CA –
  • The Environmental Report with Terry Bradshaw – COMING SOON
  • Footage from the TIDES Technology Field Demonstration which showcases low-cost tech solutions for stressed populations. Includes interviews with speakers and exhibitors – COMING SOON
  • Emerald Planet – Light the Night! Stop Disease!! Quench the Thirst!!! – COMING SOON
  • Day & Night Solar Helps Splash City Ride on Solar Powered Waves – News Article – COMING SOON
  • McDonald’s Golden Arches Turing Green? – Press Release – COMING SOON
  • District Kicks Off Fund Raiser for Veterans – Press Release – COMING SOON
  • Bluff City Beer Company – Press Release – COMING SOON
  • Council approves solar panels at Chesterfield athletic fields – – Press Release – COMING SOON
  • All Earth Renewables and AllSun Tracker – Press Release – COMING SOON
  • Bayer’s EcoCommercial Building (ECB) Network Shines Brighter Light on Solar Energy Solutions with New Member Day & Night Solar  – Press Release – COMING SOON


Partnering with many national financial institutions, Day & Night can provide its customers with financing from the residential level to industrial applications.

There are many types of financing programs available including everything from second home equity lines to no cost up front programs as well as PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreement) and lease options.

Day and Night Solar