The Series 8000 is a patent pending, best in class “on-grid/off-grid” portable solar generator. The Sun Commander® will offset power at its base station 24/7 and in the event of a power outage will continue to provide needed power.

In a disaster or a need for power at a remote location, the Sun Commander® can be un-deployed in about 3 labor hours (three men 1 hr). The unit is then ready to be pulled behind a standard 3/4 ton pick-up truck or loaded in a 20 ft standard shipping container and sent to where it is needed. The unit will be fully charged and ready to supply immediate and continuous power with various connection options available.

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90° Zero Lot Line

A sleek canopy PV mounting structure designed for overhang parking lots, sidewalks, etc. adding shading and protection from the weather as a secondary benefit.” Our 90° Zero Lot Line are galvanized steel poles (with an optional paint finish), with foundations that do not interfere with parking areas. System size customization at buyer’s request.

90° Zero Lot Line Galvanized Steel Poles

Mcdonalds – Greeley, CO

Mcdonalds – Cary, NC

The Cathedral of St Mary’s of the Annunciation Cape Girardeau, MO

System size customization at buyer’s request. System size customization per site requierements Not included. Electric disconnects and singae as required by code and utility provider.


Our installers and management team are required to complete continuing education, when necessary, to keep up with local and national codes.

Day & Night and its team go above and beyond to implement best practices required for solar installation safety even before they become code. Safety is a major concern in the electrical industry.

The best practices utilized by Day & Night Solar not only keep the installation crew safe, but ensure long-lasting safety for the system owner as well.