If specific project requirements and laws are all met, it is preferable that a responsible contractor be hired consistent with a performance of DNS fiduciary duties. Where no contractor are is available, or the client dictates a category of contractor, DNS will attempt to select the contractor that, in their good-faith judgement, best demonstrates an ability and commitment to meet the requirement.

Where a contractor is selected. DNS must closely monitor the contractor’s work to ensure compliance for the duration of the contract.

Given the time and expense required to solicit and evaluate potential contractors. It is not essential that DNS solicit, all potential contractors. DNS must use reasonable efforts to ensure, to the commercially reasonable extent, that there is a selection process that is inclusive of potentially eligible responsible contractor. Competitive bidding does not necessarily ensure inclusion in the list of potential responsible contractors. DNS will retain full discretion while conducting the bidding process in a manner that is consistent with the fiduciary responsibilities to our clients.


Day and Night Solar is a dynamic sales and marketing group specializing in distribution of high-
quality components, equipment and materials to the markets we serve. Day and Night Solar is
focused on helping contractor improve their efficiency and profitability, while driving local labor to
the respective communities.


Each region and in some cases utility companies have their own incentive programs which change on a continual basis. These changes require consistent monitoring to ensure proper cost recovery for all of our clients.

Day & Night Solar monitors these changes and their requirements across the entire United States. The process is complicated but we make it simple to our solar clients.