Recipient of NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) 2013 Showstopper Award for the Sun Commander® Series 8000 in Washington, DC

Series 8000

The Series 8000 is a patent pending, best in class “on-grid/off-grid” portable solar generator. The Sun Commander® will offset power at its base station 24/7 and in the event of a power outage will continue to provide needed power.

In a disaster or a need for power at a remote location, the Sun Commander® can be un-deployed in about 3 labor hours (three men 1 hr). The unit is then ready to be pulled behind a standard 3/4 ton pick-up truck or loaded in a 20 ft standard shipping container and sent to where it is needed. The unit will be fully charged and ready to supply immediate and continuous power with various connection options available.

Sun Commander® Under Carriage
Sun Commander® Closeup Inverters and Main cotrol Panel View
Sun Commander® at Maryville Park
Sun Commander® Deployed from Electrical Side
Sun Commander® Backside View
Sun Commander® Deployed
Sun Commander® Deployed Full Panels
Sun Commander® Front View
Sun Commander® Right Angle View

Additional Technical Data:

  • The solar array consists of 36 US made, 240 watt frameless “PV” panels creating a total DC system size of 8.64kW (approximately 575 sq ft of panels when fully deployed, when properly anchored unit meets a 110 mile per hour wind load).
  • By implementing the use of composite frames allowing for strengthening and weight reduction. Combined with frameless all glass panels removes the need for grounding and allows for the use of non-glass panels (non breakable or ballistic quality materials, currently in design, for panels in military or hurricane applications).
  • The array will charge the batteries when the load is less than the solar output (or as programmed). The two inverters (battery and grid tied) work together to form a stable local grid when combined with additional equipment incorporated in the main control center.
  • Configurable as 120, 240, single phase but can be “linked” with other units to provide 208 or 480 three phase.
  • Live communication is standard to track and monitor the system with modem and GPS capabilities. This software allows changes to be made to the system remotely as well as monitoring output, kWh usage, and battery availability.
  • Up to and over 49,000 watts (49kWh’s) of available battery power with full battery banks (additional option available with non-integrated battery storage). NOTE: The shipping weight can vary between approximately 12,000 to 14,000 pounds based on number of integrated batteries and type of batteries. The unit can be equipped with any battery type and can be ship with no batteries if the solution is to tie into an external battery storage system.
  • On a typical Midwestern day it will have an output around 43.10kWh’s.
  • On a full-sun Midwestern day it will have an output around 71.12kWh’s with more output the further south you go.
  • Most generators when not in use are put into storage and have required maintenance, the unit is designed to be used every day to offset daily power needs.
  • The Sun Commander® when not in off-grid use can be plugged into an existing electrical system and will reduce the usage of power by reducing demand or feeding power back into the grid.
  • The Sun Commander is made in the US and uses approximately 95% US made parts and components.

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Series 1500

This system is designed to use every day and consume the real time daylight energy while storing a scheduled amount of power for night use. System includes the following standard equipment: (6) Solar panels, AC inverter, charger controller, batteries, control box, functional/safety features, connection options, and (100) TiSOLEY power kits. System dimensions deployed: 6’7”L (FT) x 16’5”W (FT) x 6’H (FT). System dimensions crated: 71.5”L (FT) x 43.5”W (FT) x 44.25”H (FT).
Made in USA. Click brochure for more details.

Sun Commander® Deployed Underneath View

The SC Series of stand-alone, off grid systems designed for multiple uses. As a standard they include 1,500/2,400/3,000/4,200 watts of solar PV, pole mounted, PV with DC output and 336-504 amp hours worth of battery power at 24 volts. These systems are fully customizable for any application off the grid.

Sun Commander® Deployed Top View
Sun Commander® Closeup Chargers
Sun Commander® With Ti Soley Kits
Sun Commander® Ti Soley Kit